Fall and Winter Activities

Fall Splendors, Winter Romance and Outdoor Fun!

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It's hard to imagine something better than spring or summer in the Otter Valley, but the fall and winter seasons make a strong bid.

Fill your senses with the dazzling colors, pungent smells, and quiet sounds of nature as you hike or bike the dozens of trails and roads around The Alder. Enjoy the changing colours of the season as you snuggle up next to a roaring fire along the lake just outside your accommodations! 
For your taste buds, there are roadside stands and farmers' markets at every turn, offering fresh produce from local orchards, and the bounty of the local harvest.

Reluctant to let the glow of summer fun fade? Fall offers one more chance to enjoy some of your favorite summer activities such as golfing, antique hunting, boating, horseback riding, fishing, and sightseeing at some of the most interesting historical sites in southern BC.

Whether you're staying for a night, a week or longer, fall will put you in touch with the peninsula's natural beauty at its best.

If you find yourself looking to escape the winter blahs and need some outdoor adventure or romantic time with a loved one, the Otter Valley has a wide variety of activities guaranteed to get your blood rushing!  Between the time, the last leaf drifts to the ground and the first daffodil pops her head up, the full beauty of Otter Valley's traditionally quiet season offers a feeling that this very special place was created just for you. It's a season filled with romantic crackling fires, scenic explorations, and fun snow filled experiences. Whether you like to get out and play or stay in and snuggle, The Alder is the place to be in the winter.

Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

  • Use your camera to capture the frozen beauty of our snow-draped trees and frozen waters.
  • Explore our hundreds of miles of quiet trails, perfect for skiing or snowshoeing, or zip along miles of snowmobile trails.
  • Pack up the sleds and tubes and go sledding on one of our many hills and sledding areas.
  • Go ice fishing along the water's scenic shoreline. For those who like fishing on hard water, the frozen waters of Otter Lake offer great ice fishing opportunities.

Enjoy the pristine and dramatic fall changes or get your nose cold and your heart warm at The Alder as you discover the joys of our quiet season. 

Check out the links below for more information on the various activities to be enjoyed during the fall and winter seasons.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend activities on the lake if the ice is less than 9” thick and to do so is done at your own risk.