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This winter, strap on your snowshoes and enjoy a walk through the forests and wilderness of the Otter Valley.

It's not surprising that snowshoeing has been gaining in popularity in British Columbia. It takes minimal equipment, it's easy to learn for the whole family and it delivers an incredible physical workout.

Whether you're looking for an easy stroll through the woods or a full out sprint up a hill, The Alder has hundreds of trails and wilderness areas that are perfect for snowshoeing.

On a pair of snowshoes you can walk over even the deepest snow, head into the back country, or just get away to recharge yourself. It's just you and the soft crunch of the snow under your shoes. Many of the nearby trails used for hiking or skiing are also accessible for snowshoeing.

Check out our section on hiking for maps and trail information. As with all activities taking place in wild, natural areas, please keep safety in mind. Make sure you are appropriately attired and that you have the proper safety equipment even for short distances. Always let someone know where you are going and for how long in the eventuality of an injury or accident.