The Otter Valley has plenty of places for snowmobilers to play. Sledding areas in the area encompass a wide variety of terrain, including groomed trails and hillsides topped with fresh snow.

Families or beginners can zip along established routes through forests and fields, while advanced sledders will revel in steep and remote riding areas. Snowfall is generous in many regions, resulting in lots of powder and a long season.

With endless hectares of awe-inspiring scenery throughout the Otter Valley, The Alder in Tulameen is the perfect starting point for your journey. Trails run in all directions, each offering a unique adventure.

Be sure to top up your fuel tank at the Trading Post before heading out for the time of your life. Also available at the Trading Post are local area snowmobile trail maps provided by the Timberline Cruisers Snowmobile Club and sponsored by Reichart Sales and Service, our local award winning Ski-doo dealer, where accessories and service can be obtained. You can even purchase a brand new, state of the art, snowmobile should you wish!

Trails are maintained by the Timberline Cruisers Club, and all attempts have been made to clearly mark trails. However, signs can fall off or become obscured by snow and debris. Therefore, for safety purposes, a back-up plan should always be employed. Out of courtesy for all your fellow riders, proper snowmobile riding etiquette should be practiced at all times while traveling back country trails as well as any riding which should take place throughout the community.

At all times it is suggested that proper snowmobile riding protective gear be worn. Those intending to challenge the more advanced trails should be accompanied by experienced riders and are advised to have a working locator beacon in their possession at all times. While traveling through all wilderness areas, nature should be respected and proper care taken to be ready in an emergency. Proper safety and emergency equipment should be brought on any trips. Let others know where you are going along with an approximate time you estimate to be gone for.

For more information on Snowmobiling safety and other interesting facts related to the sport, please follow the link below: