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The Alder has been a part of our traditions and memories for many years. As such, we want to protect and preserve our facilities for future visitors.

We have laid out our policies and terms of use. Please take the time to read and review them.

Payment Policy

The Guest shall pay The Alder, at the time of booking the Cabin, a reservation deposit in the amount of $400. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.  Upon arrival, the reservation deposit will automatically convert to a damage deposit and be refunded within 15 days of guest departure.

Payment in full is due 3 days prior to check in. Payment can be made by VISA or MASTERCARD for the following choices of stay:

Rates for 2013

  • $400.00 per night
  • $1800.00 per week - Shoulder Season
  • $3000.00 per week - Peak Season
  • $200.00 Housekeeping Fee

Cancellation Policy:

Should you need to cancel your reservation, please refer to our Cancellation Policy.


The Guest shall limit the number of occupants, adults and children, in the cabin to a maximum number of guests of 12 persons.

Arrival and Departure Times:

The Guest shall abide by the check-in & check-out times as follows:

  • Check-in time is 5 pm

  • Check-out time is 10 am
Cleaning Policy

We make every effort to insure that your cabin is spotless and well maintained when you check in. Upon your arrival, if you find anything broken or out of the ordinary, please let us know immediately. Otherwise you may be deemed responsible. As renters, you must assume responsibility for any damage including excessive cleaning costs caused during your stay. Frequent examples are stained carpets, furniture, bedding and towels, damaged furniture and kitchenware, unwashed dishes, pots and pans. It is our expectation that you will leave the cabin in a clean and tidy state. We will supply you with the necessary cleaning products for tidying up before your departure. Please be respectful of the cabin and grounds and treat it like it was your own.


1. In General:

  • Collect garbage from all rooms (remember coffee grounds) and leave it on the deck
  • Put all recycle bottles and cans in the RECYCLE BIN on the deck
  • Properly arrange all indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Check under furniture and beds for clothing and children's toys, etc
  • Secure all doors and windows, using locks where available;
  • During cooler seasons, turn all thermostats down to 60 degrees F.
  • Ensure all furniture or moved household items are returned to their original positions.

2. Kitchen

  • Load the dishwasher with all dirty and used dishes, and begin the cleaning cycle
  • Remove all items from fridge and cupboards belonging to the guest
  • Wipe down fridge, stove, microwave, sink, counter and table tops
  • Sweep floor

3. Bathroom

  • Gather all used bathroom towels and mats and leave them in the tub or shower
  • Sweep floor

4. Living rooms and Bedrooms

  • Sweep floor and area carpets
  • Load the washing machine with dirty and used linens and begin the washing cycle.

  • Non-compliance with the standard departure cleaning policy may result in an additional cleaning charge. Guest authorizes The Alder to charge their credit card on file for any damages or excessive cleaning.

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Smoking and Use of Combustibles:

The “cabins” are all non-smoking cabins, which includes candle burning and incense burning. Smoking must be restricted to outdoors and cigarette butts are to be placed in the ashtrays provided.

The use of fire accelerants is not acceptable and any guests using these will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

Safe storage of fuel will be provided utilizing a Steel Combustibles box on the premises. No fuels shall enter the building structure.

Fireworks are not allowed to be kept on or used from anywhere on the property as they can cause personal injury or damage to the property.

Recreational Equipment:

If the Guest wishes to operate one of the bicycles provided by The Alder at Otter Lake, or their own bikes, the guest must at all times wear a properly fitting bicycle helmet, which the Guest shall provide.

The guest shall operate peddle boats, kayaks and canoes at all times with due care and attention and with respect to others enjoying the lake area.

The guest shall not operate the boats with more than two people on board at the same time.

As The Alder’s supply is limited in size and quantity we recommend that the Guest supply his or her own life preservers.

The Alder recommends that the Guest wear a life preserver at all times when on or near the water. The Alder is not liable or responsible for injuries or problems arising from the improper use or non-use of life preservers.


The Guest shall not bring any pets or other animals onto the Property. Guests bringing a pet to the property will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

Damages to Property

The following constitutes reasons for Withholding Damage Deposit. The Alder reserves the right to withhold the deposit for any situation arising, that may constitute an infringement of the contract, not covered under this list:

  • Damage to buildings or property or contents 
  • Smoking, candle or incense burning in cabins which is prohibited
  • Items removed from cabins - Items take to adjoining cabins and not returned by check-out many be charged to guest.
  • Driving on septic fields or treatment tanks with ATV’s or snowmobiles.
  • Un-neighborly behavior such as but not limited to the following: 
          •  Loud noise after 11:00pm

             •  Complaints received from excess speed or reckless driving of ATV’s in the community.


General Conduct:

The Guest shall not conduct him or herself in a manner that constitutes a nuisance to others on or near the Property. This is a family resort and community and we ask that you conduct yourself with that in mind.

The Alder may at any time, and without any notice, request the guest to leave if the conduct of the guest is deemed to be a nuisance or if the behavior of the guest is considered to not be in compliance with this contract. If the guest has been ordered to leave under these conditions, no refund of the balance of the stay will be given.

Other Policies

  • The Alder shall provide to the Guest quiet enjoyment of the Cabin.
  • The Alder shall not be liable to the Guest for any loss or damage to the Guest’s personal property located on or brought to The Alder during their stay.
  • The Alder shall not be liable to the Guest for any harm or injury to the Guest or others resulting from the use or occupation of the Property howsoever such harm or injury is caused, even if such harm or injury is caused by the negligence of the Company or by the negligence of an agent of the Company.
  • Children must be supervised at all times, especially near the lake and river
  • Adults must sign a waiver for themselves and children before using canoes, kayaks and pedal boat. Please refer to the signed contract for details.
  • The Guest shall not set up any tents on the property or any RV’s on or in front of the property.