Ice Fishing

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When the Lake freezes up, bring out the auger! Place your chair, bait up, set your rod in its holder and enjoy a popular back country pastime! Enjoy every second of the beautiful vistas, the camaraderie of your fellow fishers and the pulse pounding excitement of pulling a fat trout up through the almost frozen fishing hole. Alternatively, you can stand your rod securely in the ice and watch for fish from the warmth of the cabin! Either way, you will get to be part of a winter ritual enjoyed by thousands each year.

Ice fishing is popular as the fish are often healthier and more enticed by the possibility of food. There is nothing better than a freshly caught fish crackling in the frying pan!

Be sure to bring your own tackle and ice fishing gear. offers information about strategies & techniques for successfully ice fishing the many lakes, rivers & streams surrounding Otter Lake, British Columbia. For more information on ice fishing, fishing tips, recipes & more click here .

Note: Ice fishing can only be safely practiced when the Ice on the lake has reached sufficient thickness. This can vary from week to week and even day to day. Before risking your life, please check to ensure the ice is safe.