Gold Panning

The Otter Valley area placed it’s mark on the map after it became famous for the discovery of gold in the local creeks and rivers.
This area has a long history revolving around Gold and gold panning. As legend states, a prospector named Johnny Chance lived out his namesake when he stopped here for a drink of water at Granite Creek and discovered gold nuggets, by chance, lying at the bottom of the creek.

The legend continues on in the area. You can take part in this fun activity and try out your own luck at panning for gold. While you most likely won’t get rich doing it, this is a great activity to do with the family. Whether you are experienced or brand new to gold panning, it is an adventurous and enjoyable family pastime. Gold panning supplies can be purchased at the Trading Post and further information on where and how to pan for gold can found in the back of this book.

The Princeton Visitor Centre also sits on a gold panning reserve where you can try your luck at finding gold! Just remember who sent you!