Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) How far is the Alder at Otter from Vancouver?

Well, that really depends on how you drive! However, from Vancouver, it is approximately a three-hour drive.

If you are travelling from Chilliwack, you’re looking at about 2 hours. Just beyond Hope, Highway #1 splits into the Coquihala (#5) and the Crowsnest (#3). The Crowsnest route will ferry you through Manning Park and beyond, passing through the town of Princeton. Once you reach Princeton, you are only 23km away from the front door of the Alder.

At Princeton, you must turn off the Crowsnest Highway, travel through the middle of town, cross the one way bridge over the Tulameen River and then take an immediate left turn onto Otter Valley Road. From there it’s a straight shot to Tulameen by way of Historic Coalmont.

Note: The Otter Valley road does have a single lane section. When travelling from Princeton to Tulameen you must provide right-of-way for oncoming traffic when travelling through that section. Please observe all road signs.

Q) Is everything provided at the Alder?

Yup – even the kitchen sink! The Alder is extremely well outfitted with all the modern conveniences you expect (except perhaps a garborator!) The Amenities page will give you a very good idea of what to expect at the Alder. You will need to bring your own food and personal toiletries along with any electronics, computers and cameras you need. Remember to also bring mosquito repellant and sunscreen!

Q) What if we need to pick some items up, Is there a grocery store in town?

Resource > Horizonfire.jpg by: adminThere is the Tulameen Trading Post, a quaint general store filled with a decent selection of groceries, alcohol and sundry to tide you over. If you really do require something beyond the basics, then a trip to Princeton may be in the cards.

Q )Are we able to bring our pets to the Alder?

While we understand that pets are, in many cases, important members of the family, we ask that you do not bring your pets to The Alder.

Q) Should I bring my ATV/Snowmobile?

Great question and always with the same great answer – Absolutely! If you want to ride, there are few places to rival the surrounds of Tulameen. For further information please see the ATV and Snowmobile pages.

Q) Is there Internet?

The Alder has private high speed internet access. When you arrive, follow the instructions in the Cabin book to make sure you can log into this secure network.

Q) What if we are going to arrive late into the evening?

No problem, and since our care takers don’t appreciate calls after the lights go down, we have provided a fairly comprehensive directions page, a Google drive by, and a signage on the road ways. The Alder also has a “Alder” sign at the entrance door.

Q) Is it possible to swim in the lake?

Cold is relative, right? The water in Otter lake can get cold. After all, it is at 2700 feet above sea level and does freeze over in the winter. But on those hot summer days, you could not ask for anything better. Out front of the Alder is a lovely sand beach, a private dock and a graduated entry into the lake, perfect for little ones. Don’t forget to put life jackets on the toddlers and little kids.