ATV Riding

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The Southern Okanagon Similkameen area is a mecca for ATV pursuits and trail riding. There is an unlimited supply of terrain and trails and so many square kilometers of wilderness, you could literally ride forever. Imagine crossing an area from Princeton back to Hope, then up to Merritt and across to Kelowna and then down to Penticton, finally making your way back to Princeton, all the while visiting ancient First Nation sites, retracing the steps of fur traders and miners, and steeping yourself in the majesty of nature at its most magnificent. Somewhere in there an adventure awaits!


From The Alder you can virtually ride in any direction and have more than enough terrain to have the wilderness completely to yourself. Heading north on the KVR will take you through a number of the valley's ranches and onto Ricky Lake and several other fishing lakes. Please pay attention as there are barbed and other fence structures strung across the trail in the ranch lands. They are accessible for those passing through, but please ensure you close these gates behind you as you continue your journey.

Up in behind the town of Coalmont there are several riding options, Lodestone Lake being a popular choice.

From Otter Lake, you can ride Lawless Road all the way to the Coquihala Lakes, adjacent to the Coquihala Highway at, what was once, the location of the tollbooths.

In the summer months, it can get dusty and we recommend that you wear a dust mask.

ATV tours are also available through Tulameen Adventures at 250-295-6681.

Please remember that ATV riding through the town of Tulameen is a privilege, so please observe the local rules and travel through slowly, wear your safety gear and respect pedestrians and road vehicles at all times.